Constraint Programming in Music [Wiley, 2011]

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Livre Constraint Programming in Music
Constraint Programming in Music

Edited by Charlotte Truchet, University of Nantes, France, and Gérard Assayag, IRCAM-CNRS, France
ISBN: 9781848212886
Publication Date: April 2011 Hardback 256 pp. 95.00 USD

This books is intended as a state of the art on the interactions between the fields of Constraint Programming, and Computer Music. The authors are mostly members of the Groupe de Travail, computer scientists or composers.

Table of contents

1. Modeling Temporal Constraints for a System of Interactive Scores, Antoine Allombert, Myriam Desainte-Catherine and Mauricio Toro.
2. Variable Orderings for Solving Musical Constraint SatisfactionProblems, Torsten Anders.
3. Constraints for an Unfolding Time, Georges Bloch and Charlotte Truchet.
4. Global Constraints in Orchestration, Grégoire Carpentier.
5. Using Gecode to Solve Musical Constraint Problems, Serge Lemouton.
6. Concurrent Constraint Models of Music Interaction, Carlos Olarte, Camilo Rueda, Gerardo Sarria, Mauricio Toro and Frank D. Valencia.
7. From Rhythm Rules to Music Rules, Örjan Sandred.
8. OMClouds, a Library for Musical Constraints, Charlotte Truchet.

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